A Real Tip

“Good evening, how are you two doing this fine evening?”

The two college age girls giggled as they got in the back of the car. A mousy looking blonde and an in charge looking brunette. They replied they were doing great, I confirmed the destination as into the night we drove. They snickered and talked about the guys that had been asking them out and how many times do you have to tell a guy you aren’t interested in them.

As the trip continued it got quiet in the back. Only the occasional street light from a house turn in as the route we were on was dark. I heard a gasp and asked if everything was okay. A giggle and a yes was the only reply I got.

The next flash of light showed the mousy blonde kissing the neck of the brunette, pinning her to the side of the car. A whimper and soft moan as I could only imagine what was going on in the back seat. There was a growing smell of heated female lust as I shifted uncomfortably, my pants suddenly feeling a size too small. As we got into a more lighted area I got a good look in the mirror at the exposed, B cup or so, breast and parted legs. Knowing that we were getting close to the destination I cleared my throat and announced we would be arriving in five minutes.

As we approached the building a breathless request for me to pull around back was uttered. I was more than happy to oblige their request as I made the turn and sat trying to not be obvious about my own voyeuristic enjoyment. The nails digging into the leather made me cringe a little but the moans and energy in the car was electrifying. I felt like I was going to explode just watching the hot duo going at it. Finally the long kiss was released as the one that was in control looked up at me in the mirror. She looked like a hungry cat as her blonde hair flowed around her face. She opened her door and walked to mine.  

“Open up baby, you earned a real tip” the demand in her voice and fire in her eyes let me know it was going to be worth it.

Without another word she unzipped my pants and took out my raging hard cock. She gave a wicked smile and muttered nice as she engulfed it in her hot mouth. I slid my fingerers in her hair. I felt her growl as she went down.

“FUCK!” I yelped as I couldn’t hold back.

Her throat felt like it opened up as she slid all the way down as I came. Taking every drop she got back to her feet and smiled and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue as well as her lover in the back seat, who was watching the show.

I drove them to the front as I was still shaky from her attentions. I croaked as I bid them a good night. They giggled and waved as they disappeared into the building. The next stop was to a parking lot to air out my car that wreaked of sex and clean off the wet spot in the seat…