The slowly cresting moon in the sky, a shriek as the plane goes by

I notice the form from the corner of my eye

Long legs, short skirt, tall boots cutting at the muscular thighs

Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt
That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt
Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing
That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

The door opens, a polite greeting as she takes her seating

In the mirror a quick glance of the cleavage open for the seeing

Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt

That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt

Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing

That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

Silky words, questions pry into personal things now shared

Every nerve screaming as my mind says to beware

A ping, the ride has changed, cat and mouse now that game

Who is prey and who is hunting the question now to begin

First stop, she exits and enters the store, walking to show more

Dropping something in front of the car, the view I have instore

Full display that ebony flesh, looking back with a taunting wink

The feel of hunger and tightening pants, willpower now sinks

Returning with a button more open, more flesh on display

The twisted minx makes it clear she is game to play

The front door opens now as she slides in with a smile

Knowing what she is doing all the wicked while

Around the bend she yawns and stretches, another button pop

Her breast all but fall out of the almost open top

Hand touching my arm, I do not react, she grins more

Her hand slides to my leg as I shift, I want to explore

Nails drag over the pants, I give a few playful glances

Shifting enough for her deft hand slides to the zipper on the pants

No hesitation as her hand snakes in and she takes a grip

Her thumb like silk as it works its magic trick

Leaning over, hot breath on the head of my cock

Pushing her head down she takes all, it is hard as a rock

Tongue like soft satin caresses and runs along my think shaft

Her skill amazing as she is going to make me come too fast

She is warned but doesn’t slow down one bit

My hot load now invading her greatly talented lips

Arriving only a few minutes later at the destination

We get out as I am going to return her naughty favor

The heat of the hood makes her jump as I push her down

One hand on her chest as the other is roaming around

The smell of her perfume intoxicating as my lips caress her skin

My hand finds her wetness as my fingers slip within

Gasping as two fingers penetrate, my thumb on her clit rubbing

The free hand opens, more rips, her shirt and freeing

Beautiful dark flesh to suck and bite, nipples like dark chocolate delight

She shudders as I add another finger, she is so tight

Fingers spreading open the sweet flesh exposing the red velvety prize

Licking slowly, teasing with each move of my wicked tongue

Her hands on the back of my head, guiding to what she wants done

Bucking and grinding on my face, now coated in her juice

She gasps then goes stiff before letting loose

Primal growls escape her succulent lips

Flooding my face as she continues to gyrate her hips

Grinding, whining, her hunger not yet sated

My recovery for the event we both anticipated

The tip of my cock pressing then a primal thrust

Both now engulfed in animalistic lust

Her eyes go wide as those nails sink in my skin

Pounding with a hunger driven desire to flood her again

Thrusting and grinding against her needy fuck hole

Lust, need and desire all together now roll

Mews and pants escape her as I ravage her flesh

Sweat cooled by the breeze that comes with occasional gusts

The cries to her deity as I take her like a demon

My hand over her mouth as her pleasure becomes screaming

Wave after wave rip through as her whole body shakes

An evil smile as I feel her legs tremble and shake

My own desire growing as a surge of swelling increases my girth

Her legs wrap about and I fuck her for all I am worth

I give warning I am going to spill another load in her

She tightens her legs like a dog clinging to dinner

My hands on her throat, her head tips back

Choking her as I feel the tightness in my sack

Clinching tight to milk every drop of my seed

In her pussy I release with my savage greed

Her body jerks as I let loose, her eyes rolled back

With a demon like yell her life rushes back

A howl of fierce release, her body shudders hard

A flood coats my cock as she sees stars

Laying there covered in pouring sweat

She say “Hi, by the way my name is Annette”

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