Welcome to the Raven Nest

Before anyone goes off making crazy assumptions I just want to make it clear that yes I used to write on the Malflic page and have started my own page. There are no hard feelings or animosity between us, It was just time for me to branch out on my own page. We are still close and I will always be grateful for all he done to help me go from thinking about sharing my writing to actually blogging. He is always welcome as a friend, mentor and brother.

Now what shall you the reader expect to see? Oh buckle up because you never know. It might be something wild and macabre, dark and sultry or I  just post about butterflies to keep things interesting. I love the wild spirit of ravens, playful yet lore shows them as members of the darker side. A raven could swiping a piece of shine that catches their eye or ferrying a soul to the other site, it is that spirit I hope to keep alive and portray here.

There will be sexy things and sexual situations of course, after all what is life without some of its most powerful pleasures. Being sex positive, body positive and overall open to the various possibilities of life there will be some things that will make other uncomfortable. Honestly if it makes someone uncomfortable and forces them to think then I have done my job as a writer. Of course also making readers squirm in their seat with guilty pleasures of being excited on from the story is deafeningly the main goal.

Without further delay, allow me to welcome you to the Raven next. Sit down with that beverage of choice and enjoy.