Carry On

Death waits for no one he whispered in her ear as they walked in the mausoleum. The moon hangs low in the evening sky, blood red as it kisses the horizon lifting slowly into the sky. Fucking hard as the thumping racing blood engorged the moments then released in volleys of sticky thick liquid that coated the surface. No words needed, the truth was known going in. One would give way to the need of the other, a perfect sacrifice. A life of lusty and abhorrent desire laid bare as nothing is held back, everything ripped through and explored.  A lover’s last kiss leaves the pale corpse sprawled across the marble surface. Long thin fingers dripping with crimson leave their longing last embrace in red tendrils on the colorless face. A scream shattered the night, not the lover that lay in ghostly pallor, rather the remainder as she now was filled with his seed. She would carry on the legacy.


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