Chance Encounter

You could tell I surprised them, both frozen in place as I walked up. I had a wicked smile on my face as I drew near. The cloak of darkness might have kept them concealed from most but I heard them first and that is what drew me. The water hid their bodies as well as the side of the pool. I knelt down and put my hand on her face looking her directly in the eye. He was frozen just watching intently as I now held his girls face in a tight grip.

“You’re a fucking dirty whore aren’t you? Like being fucked where you might get caught.”

She swallowed hard as I could feel the heat rising from her face

“You like his hard cock in your filthy cunt don’t you?”

I could feel her body shudder as she looked back with those doe eyes.

“Answer me! And you there, boy, why are you just frozen, fuck that dirty hole. Use that cum dump.”

I didn’t need to encourage him any more as he grabbed her hips and started thrusting. Her mews as he went for broke. Each thrust lifting her in the water. Harder and deep he went as her breast now made sloping and splashing sounds against the side of the pool.

“That’s it boy, fuck that whore like she was made to be used.”

He grunted and moaned as he couldn’t stop his flood of orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Fuck FUCK!” he yelped

I let go of her face as he fell back a little trying to get his composure.

“You know guys there are a lot of people that walk around here at night. You are lucky it was me that caught you.”

The vixen’s eyes smoldered with raw hunger. I could tell she was needing a lot more attention.

“How about you come with us to our place.” She said in almost a whisper.

The rest of the night she was our toy as we used her and she was in bliss as she lost count of the orgasms she had….