Collaboration, Introduction and a poem.

Collaboration is something I am no stranger to. I have worked with other writers in the past, mostly for fun short versions of a story. Most fizzle out quickly as our styles don’t often match but a few have been spectacular. That thrill of pushing each other in creative ways and allowing the flow of the story to carry it to wherever it may lead. Though it has been a while since I have had the pleasure of sharing those I recently have written a few from ideas that people have wanted to see where I would take their idea.


A bit off topic I want to announce I would like to share with you all the news of me new blog site. I has been an interesting lesson and a definite learning curve. There will be changes to come and I look forward to sharing the thrills and chills as I continue forward.



I will leave you with one of my macabre poems




The itch is back, the shaking, maybe only visible to me but it is back.

My mind is wacked, dreams spinning as blood flows from an attack

Demon one moment, savior the next, duality rages as it engages

The armor is white but I am no knight as the conflagration rages

Scorching and consuming as screams shriek in the blood red night

Acrid fumes from the pyres of rotting flesh an incent of evil delight

The chill against the sweat running down my neck I see a form

Running in the direction tears streaming, my mind twisted and torn

The demon inside licks my ear seducing the carnal needs that burns

The lithe creature draws close and the shake grows and desire yearn

It should be little more than honorable mention passing in the night

But the flaxen main flowing like tendrils draw my attention and delight

Crimson stain from ruby lips on pale flesh runs to its quivering chin

Eyes sunken and hallow from fright and being broken beg from within

The howls and screams of the pursuant reverberate in the long alley

Crouched in the shadow ever sinew tight ready to unleash a volley

Greasy haired beast steps into the light screaming at the fleeing thing

Indolence beast with a belly hanging under the stained white shirt

Half empty bottle in hand now hurled toward the creature so curt

Profane words scream as the beast cuts and stings with its tongue

Lithe creature trips and falls as it was distracted from its brief run

Closer and closer it draws toward its easy prey unaware of it danger

The shake continues to grows as fingers curl in both hunger and anger

It stops suddenly aware it is not alone, it turns to hurl and insult

The cold steel in its rib digs deep and eyes widen, the sing in felt

Screams fail to escape as the angle keeps it from crying for help

Eye to eye it is pathetic as it falters, gurgles, flailing and falling about

The original prey jumps with the fury of a wild cat to free its beast

Not surprised as its bruised hands try to strike and pummel at least

Like so many before it had come to know it can expect a certain thing

Growing to accept that this is all there is and there are no dreams

The quiver of its lip as he howls in furry released from the depths

This is but a little thing as it fights the newly arrived beast without rest

The hand swung with much force sends it splaying across the ground

No shriek as it lay twisted on the pavement, silence is an eerie sound


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