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This week’s topic is feminism, I feel like the least qualified to speak to this issue. I can say so many forms of it have been presented that is gets a bit dizzying after a while. Do I think women should vote and have the same say as men? Yes, I do. Do I think women should be paid the same as men for the same job? Definitely they should be. Do I think just because a company has reached a certain level, they should be mandates to have a woman doing a particular job? No, I do not.

I might be old fashioned, behind the times or some other team for us dinosaurs still walking. I think if a job requires a certain level of mental, physical or emotional strength it should be given to the person that is most able to do it efficiently and effectively. I believe in blind merit testing, not race, gender or orientation being allowed to influence to outcome. Does that person possess the skills, capability or strength to fill the job requirements, as they were originally written? This whole lowering the standards to fulfill some gender quota like has happened in the military is an injustice to the people that came before, especially the women. Those women that went before and earned it with their sweat, blood, tears and sometimes their life.

I will keep this brief. I am aware there are more issues at play, many more topics that feminism covers but as I said, I feel I am the least qualified to speak on this topic Women should have the right to vote. Women should have the right to work alongside men without harassment. Women should be able to do any job they are qualified for. Women should have access to the same level of medical treatment as men do. When it is all said and done, women should be able to have the same equality as men. It is past time for that to become a reality.


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  1. I feel the same… everyone should be equal, no matter who they are, what they look like or how they identify. People should just all be equal. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I completely agree with you. I think there’s a dilemma here though. (I’m not saying you didn’t think of this or anything. Your post is short and focuses on what you feel should be and I completely agree but it made me think and Idk the answer)
    If women get less opportunities or are not receiving the same education etc. How can we only think that all that matters is the person who is best suited for the job?

    1. We are not at the point women get the same education and I did keep from touching that because I have two well educated and successful daughters that have far exceeded their brothers. I also know regions or part of the world things are vastly different.

  3. I agree that lowering requirements for women is essentially a disservice to everyone.

    But also I think there is still a point to be made that women face more difficulties in achieving the skills, capability or strength necessary for certain positions. On the other hand many women are underrepresented in certain jobs and at certain leadership levels because they chose a different path in life especially when there are children involved. The effects of one or the other are difficult to disentangle.

    In the end in comes down to changing cultural attitudes and maybe those change not fast enough for some feminists. But after a certain point change can no longer be forced by legislation. The law can only ever be so equal while human behavior is infinitely more complex.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thought. I especially like your last paragraph. It is really the ideas and expectations people hold in their heart.
      Thank you for sharing

  4. Companies shouldn’t be mandated to hire based on gender, race, or religion…true…but with this in mind, the interview process always allows the bias of discrimination to seep into the hiring process.

    We have to find a way to take the discrimination out of the process without mandating specifics, and that is a long-term project.

    1. That is the hardest part, basically take the human factor out of the hiring process. Thanks for stopping by

  5. I completely agree. I don’t think standards should be lowered just to be inclusive of others. I think the ability to acquire certain jobs should be based on merit rather than gender. It’s like with firefighters…if I’m stuck in a burning building, I want the person who will be able to get me out the quickest which means they need both speed, strength and stamina. I don’t care if its a man, a woman, or a robot for that matter, whatever/whoever gets the job done is what I want. There are women who possess those abilities and who are deserving of a job as a firefighter, but there are also women who are like me who would probably run into a fire to save someone then need someone else to come in and save me as well haha.

    1. Thank you, your gave a great example of what I was trying to say. I appreciate you stopping by

  6. Blind application procedures (rather than those prejudiced against ANY group) are definitely the way to go. There’s a lot of unconscioud bias in a lot of circles. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink is great on this (and a great read just generally).

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