Sargent Cougar

As the new recruits filed in to meet with the Captain and Sargent it smelled more like a locker room than a briefing room. The aged building with antiquated concrete walls painted a dull white made it look like it had been through several lifetimes. There was a dull mumbling as we talked between ourselves, everyone nervous and excited. We were all to eager to prove our worth after spending so much time in training. The room came to a hush as the Captain introduced the room to Sargent Karen Peters.


Karen eyed over her coffee at the new meat coming in. It was obvious she was hungry and hunting, but not just anything would sate her appetite. She knew what she liked as she gazed over the new fresh faces in the briefing room. She picked up the roster and called out names and issued assignments. My name was called, as I was instructed where to report. As I walked out the room I was pulled aside by the Captain.

“Son, I know you are new here so a piece of unsolicited advice, be careful around Karen. She has a reputation if you know what I mean.”


Before he could reply we were interrupted by the other guy who was assigned with me. We could have been brothers, almost the same height and hair color. He was about five years younger than I was with a boyish smile and clean-shaven face. We both were tall and thin, I was 5’11” 135 lbs. soaking wet in my uniform and he looked about the same.

“Hi, I’m Joe.” He said with his hand extended. “Looks like we will be working together.”

“Good to meet you.” I shot back slightly annoyed I didn’t get to hear the advice being handed to me.

We went and got our gear and headed to our assigned area. We met out unit leader and assigned to the same post. It was basically fly or die after the academy we soon learned. For the next two weeks Joe and I would work the same shifts together. From this we would be evaluated after, if the unit leader thought we were capable we would be given a permanent position, if not we were given a different partner for another two weeks. The first week was a blur of trying to soak in everything, decide what was important and what was just garbage needed to be ignored. The second week we started to get into the routine and began to step into our rolls for the unit. Sarge would stop in and observe us as we dealt with our day to day operations.

“Looks like you two boys got the Sarge’s attention.” Our unit leader chimed in one day. “She had been watching you both more than most, watch out boys” he said with a chuckle and walked off.

I was left feeling a bit unsettled thinking I was messing up and wasn’t going to make the cut. When it came time for the evaluation, I was sitting in the chair waiting as Joe was in for his meeting. He came out with a perplexed look on his face and his voice cracked a little when he told me it was my turn. I walked in sweat all but poring off my back. It was hot in the room anyway as I sat for a few more minutes before Captain, Sarge and our unit leader came in.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?” Sarge said curtly “I have heard good things and after personally observing you in action I recommend you be allowed to proceed on your own as an officer. Any objections?”

The Captain and my unit leader agreed with her. After a short do’s and don’ts talk it was over in less than ten minutes.

“Well,” Sarge said “just some formal paperwork and you will be ready to get going with your assignment”

The captain and unit leader left as Sarge pulled out a stack of papers for me to go over.

“Now that they have left, I just wanted to say I am really impressed how you handle yourself. You seem like you are capable and able to take on whatever comes your way.”

“Well I hope so ma’am” I said with a smile.

“No need for ma’am here. You can call me Karen.”

I would like to say I was a gentleman and respectful but anyone that knows me knows I don’t miss an opportunity to flirt. I signed in the places in the mound of papers I needed to and I gave a wink sliding back the papers. Sarge wasn’t the first cougar I had been stalked by, so I knew the game and I let her see I wasn’t afraid of her hunting me. I let her circle the table as her nails ran along my arm.

“Oh baby, you best be careful else someone might gobble you up.”

“Is that a promise ma’am?” I replied with a smirk.


She might have been twenty years my senior and only 4’10” and light as a feather but she was a sexual maniac when we were together. I showed her what I knew, and she taught me a few new things. One thing I can say, bless those cougars because they know what they are doing and how they want it with no qualms about letting you know.

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