Stolen moment


A stolen kiss, it began like a fire that turned to a tryst

In the back room next to the mop and broom it was bliss

Totally lost in the moment it was so wrong but right

The sensations high as emotions took flight

Lips exploring one another, hands roaming freely

Soft flesh as moans escaped with a caress easily

Forbidden, shunned, scorned, the risks was worth it

The feel of flesh as I kissed up her back and our bodies fit

Tossing all worry aside I felt the sweet slide as we embraced

The cheesy music played as I thrust and glide savagely paced

Hands gripping the needy breast that craved a touch

Her mews grew with as we were consumed in lust

Oh gods and yes please as I felt her body squeeze

Such a powerful moment brought me to my need

Hands dug tightly in her hips I felt my release explode

In the end is it not the place for us to both unload

Panting as I kissed her neck we both got redressed

Now to escape unnoticed and emotions repressed

Opening the room her hand took my arm with a smile

A kiss on the cheek then she walked down the isle

A last sight as I sighed with delight her body so sweet

With a glare I saw the manager stare, her face red as a beet

I gave a shrug as I went back to my work station

She knew customer service was my true vocation…


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