Those eyes

A nod to acknowledge the new rider in the back

Afternoon my man, did you hear about this or that

Normal enough all in all as I hit the gas

I look in the mirror to see if I am clear to pass

My heart flutters for a moment, my mind hesitates

My every nerve electrified as I for an instant contemplate

Deep sea green, the color of a storm stare back at me

I can see what can only be described as turbulency

Maybe that was the thing I felt growing inside

Oh my, this was going to be a long ride

Glancing while dancing in the throng of cars

Conversation went from topics near and far

The dark shock of hair curling down pushed back

A joke that it was a wild hedonism from his past

My throat dry as he talked, a voice that commanded respect

It had been some time since this feeling went unchecked

Was that a slip, did I hear the word he?

The thought of him with a lover like me

Relaxed and easier the conversation came

It was apparent I wasn’t the only one aflame

Sun sinking toward the horizon lit his face

The olive complexion glowing with angelic grace

I am no fool to what lie inside his burning mind

Alas it comes time when there is an end to each ride

His lover dashes out to meet him at the car so distressed

I bid them both a good day knowing it is for the best

Safe travels they say in reply and the door closes

Life is about choices and this one was what I had chosen

He might be gone but I still have the memory in my mind

Those eyes from that afternoon ride, and it’s all mine.