Unexpected friend

Continued from Smut Relay part 9 – Dropping Anchor By Cousin Pons


The row on the deck was brief, most never even knew fate was breathing down their neck. Jay saw his crew that would normally have stopped this intruder each laying in a pool of their own blood. Only the sixth man even put of what was an attempt at a fight but Ben had taken them all by surprise. His white cotton shirt and pants now splattered with the blood of the former crew.

“’Hello Eleanor, my apologies about the mess but you said you wanted a private meeting with the three of us. They seemed like they would get in the way.” His thick accent had grown from years of living in the beautiful sun soaked island

Jay looked in shock, his men weren’t the best by any means but each could hold their own in a fight. This Ben took the out like he was taking a stroll down the boardwalk.

“What, you thought I would be afraid to get my own hands dirty? I just keep Clarence around in case someone tries to catch me when we are at the studio.”

The brutish big man stood at the railing just observing everything that was going on. He was tall and looked like a walking muscle mass. The gun on his hip was just added firepower. He didn’t say a word, as the sun beat down on his bald head. His dark face almost obsidian showed signs of a hard life as there were several scars evident.

Jay stammered as he tried to regain his composure. “Ellie what is going on?”

Eleanor was enjoying this moment to shock Jay and rearrange his perfect plans.

“Jay he is, or should I saw was, Elizabeth’s father.”

Both men looked shocked for a moment. Ben recovered faster.

“So tell me, what is this all about?” Ben snapped “I’m not here to play games, as you can clearly see.”

“All in good time” Eleanor replied. “First let’s have a drink and all get better acquainted.”

As they sat sipping some rum Eleanor explained everything to Ben about Richard and how he had been the slippery slope that lead to the demise of his estranged daughter. The plan that was in play and how the man responsible for all what eventually happened to Elizabeth would have to pay one way or another.  Jay never took his eyes off Ben, he was a dangerous man, probably even more dangerous then himself. Jay was a man of negation and then action, Ben seemed more like a man that said something and expected others to fall in line or else.

“So Jay,” Ben began “How do you fit into all this? Are there some skeletons I will find out about you? After all it seems you are pretty well tied up in all this too.”

“Nothing I care to talk about. I’m just trying to help Ellie get revenge on the man that destroyed her sister and hurt her.”

Ben just gave a knowing smile as if he knew what Jay’s hidden real agenda was.

“Well let’s go see this bastard and maybe I can persuade him to pay.” Ben said ominously

Richard was sitting when they walked in. at the first sight of Ben he tried to hold back a sign of relief. Having been old friends back in school he knew that Ben would come to his aid, after all Richard used his influence to get Ben set-up with the studio he ran.

“I hear you are the man responsible for my daughter’s demise.” Ben sneered

Richard was shocked, Ben seemed genuinely angry. Not the reaction he expected at all. Granted it had been years since they were working together but a vengeance over a daughter he really didn’t know versus being set for life in a nice position wasn’t the reaction he expected.

“Well.” Ben snapped “Is this true?”

“Hey man, I have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe if…”

“Elizabeth, you bastard.” Jay snapped “She met up with you and her life spiraled out of control till she killed herself.”

“Oh that little whore?” Richard sneered “I should say other than being a good lay she was doomed from the start. She wanted to be a movie star, well I hear she was in a few films.”

Jay lunged at the cage in a flash to strike Richard. The stunning blow of his head hitting the bars staggered him. Even Eleanor was shocked by the speed of it all. Quickly Jay was secured to the bars that were part of the cage that held Richard.

“Man I was worried you were really man.” Richard said as he tightened the rope around Jay’s arm.

“I just needed my moment you know how it goes.” Ben chuckled

Jay moaned as Eleanor stood frozen in fear and shock. Suddenly her plans had come unhinged as the care swung open. Richard stretched and looked around for a moment. Then his eyes went cold.

“Oh I think it is time to do some cleaning here. First I want you to know Eleanor that life had a strange way of turning your plans on their heels. Now you will watch as I make Jay pay for all the ways he has humiliated me.”

The malevolent tone in Richard’s voice sent a chill down her spine. Ben made Eleanor sit in a chair as she was tied to it. Richard found some thin rope and smiled. His mind was working overtime now.

“Remember what we did to that guy, oh what was his name? The one that screamed like a pig?” Richard laughed

“Oh Stan something. Thought he was going to take your money and run. Yeah I remember, that was a big mess.”

Jay knew there was no reasoning with them. The game was up as Richard carefully tied the rope around each toe. Then he tied the end together and found a bean high enough to use. Jay struggled as Ben and Richard drug him to the place and hung him upside down by his toes.

Eleanor watched in horror as Richard took a ballpein hammer and started feeling along Jay’s back.


Jay screamed in pain as Richard broke the rib in his back just past where it connected to the spine. The torture lasted for several house as they made sure Jay stayed conscious enough to feel everything. The ragged gasps for air as the broken rips made every breath painful filled the room as Eleanor wept for the man who was suffering for her now.

“I think he has learned his lesson.” Richard said calmly as he put the hammer down. “Now as for you, the traitorous whore. I have something very special in mind. Let’s get her on your boat and head out.”

They lead Eleanor to the dingy and brought her to the waiting yacht. She watched in horror as they pulled close enough to fire a flair as set Jay’s ship on fire.

“They will find nothing but wreckage if that much. Now Eleanor what do you think is going to happen to you?” Richard scoffed


Stay tuned to see what happens as Floss takes the helm for the next month

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