One day, someday

Someday, maybe a Monday, something to make it a fun day

Tuesday is such a snooze day maybe then we can play

Wednesday is a big day, wicked things to do and display

Thursday was chore day, but it can be rearranged I’d say

Friday such a busy day, the weekend almost on display

Saturday changing hats again, depends what’s arranged and when

Sunday last day of the week that wraps it all around so neat

To quote Steinbeck, “The best laid plans of mice and men”

Alas the plans are little more than rustlings in the wind

Make then, break them, change and rearrange them

Apologize and realize that life is a cyclone of chaos in disguise

The distant desire while growing tired but still press on knowing

Fickle like a pickle left to soak too long, the bite is lacking some fear is gone

It has either soured and been tossed out or had become something else stout

Folly to think it would have been so easy to have come about so breezy

Patience taught well to others, yet none to be found here while I shudder

I want it all, I want it now, before the dream disappears, lost is the fear

I want someday to be today, to feel the wicked lust blaze

To get lost in the moment of a craven depraved gaze

Feel heated breath on soft skin cause hairs to rise in carnal want within

Fingers probing as yearning growing, the wetness now is flowing

There between the thighs is animalistic hunger hearts boom like thunder

A kiss so hard and lustful there is a taste of blood on the lips

Teeth clasping the lip dragging away while pressing hips

Nails digging into flesh, material torn and flung aside

No pretenses just desire unbridled fueling the ride

A night, a day, wild passion on display

Left breathless as there is no words that can express

Hallowed ground made so by the wicked acts that abound

A lover, a fighters, a craven whore, and still so much more

Beholden to the chosen moment that is all fall into place

Forever to endeavor to find another someday to chase…


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