Mind Racing

My mind is racing

This old body is chasing

The past’s dreams erasing

Always life is out pacing

Just trying to survive

Turn the corner to arrive

The bus just left

Everything is a second guess

Youth in the mirror

The answer is clearer

Time is a terror

Life with heavy fetter

Run boy run, grab the brass ring

Tripping in the race knees sting

Body aching as bones breaking

Nothing given everything taking

Greed brings a harsh need

Need a wind in the reed

Shrieking sound of want

Passing thoughts that haunt

Always the grave waits open

Like pacman always gulpin

One day demanding it’s token

Till then running and hoping

Broken bleeding crying needing

Fallow mind twisted and screaming

The ache inside unable to hide

The scars of a wild life of pride

Chase the wind once again

Lost in the mass to blend

Never quite able to win

Fate tosses the die again

One day dust in the wind


Trigger warning!

Formerly a city hero, it had been years since he had dawned the guise that hid his identity from the mongrel population that cheered him on one day then screamed for his head the next. His will was as broken as the body it encompassed. The only sounds to be heard were the squeaking of the sign outside his cheap hotel room and those of the alley below. The all too familiar sounds of vile drunk men taking their day’s frustration out on some rent by the event girl. So many tragic stories, so many broken homes and broken bones. The knock on the door made every nerve left in his aged frame stand on end. Through the grimy peep hole he saw her again.

“No, not again” he thought

The freshly blackened eye and split lip was nothing new, Kate had been a runaway that got lost in the underbelly of the city never to be more than a trick turning junky. Her hands fidgeting as her weight shifted from one side to another. Dirty blonde hair in a wild mess just adding to her hopeless appearance. The stains on her shirt told him she had been sleeping in the alley, which meant she probably smelled of garbage and urine again. Pressing his head on the frame of the door he wanted desperately to just disappear, finally fade into the void of forgotten memories.

Pounding on the door again with more desperation this time.

“Come on J, I know you are in there. I saw your light on.” Her thick jersey accent screeched through the door

“You high again?” he croaked back in his gravelly voice

“No but I’m freezing out here. Come on, you know I’ll make it worth it for you.”

Jerry swallowed hard, she made him feel so dirty. Some hero he turned out to be, he hated that he wanted her so much. He hated himself for ever touching her in the first place, for not being strong enough to say no and just bring her to a shelter.

“I’ll let you play dress-up and wear your costume again if you let me in.”

Her desperation was growing as his resolve to never allow her in again was failing. She was the only one who had seen him in his mask and cape for years. The last time she vomited in his bed and it took a week to get the smell out as well as hand wash the last reminder of his former life. His hand trembled as he reached for the door. Slowly twisting the knob, she all but fell in as the mechanism released. The stench flooded the room as she scrambled to catch herself then crashed on the floor. She laughed as she tumbled in and fell to the stained carpet.

Her skirt flipped up showing her filthy body covered in dirt and whatever she had been crawling through. Under that was the tempting flesh that made Jerry just a man like all the rest. It didn’t matter he was past his prime, he felt his body come alive with a need he despised. He closed the door as Kate crawled to the sofa to gain her footing. As he turned the lock and heard it click he felt the welling of self-loathing build inside him. Craven men desire what he was thinking, his hands trembled as he walked up behind her. The growing need taking over his mind. He dropped to his knees behind her as she jumped crashing into the couch. As she scrambled he pinned her in place. He might be older but his need gave him a will and strength he had all but forgotten.

“J not like this, you promised it would never be like this.” The desperation in Kate’s voice jarred him

Jerry held on for a moment longer before letting go. The strength ebbing from him as the little that was left of his humanity surged in. He sighed as he still had Kate pinned under him.

“Hey J it’s okay, just let me get cleaned up and we can…” the words stuck in her throat as Jerry grabbed her slender neck.

All he heard was it is okay, nothing was okay anymore. A hero can only endure so much! Now he knew why there were so many villains! The reaffirmation of his need as his cock grew. Pushing Kate’s skirt back up and pulling his sweat pants down with his free hand there was only a moment of hesitation.  Sloppy wet, smelly, disgusting Kate’s pussy was just a hole for him.  She was his every failure to save someone, his hatred of what happened when the system failed. She was the dirty grime that most people turned and ran from. His grunted and thrust as hard as his body would let him, pummeling her cunt with all his rage. He felt his building release and kept pushing till he climaxed. Grunting as he spilled his seed in her, just more vile slime added to her already heavily used hole.

His strength spent, he rolled off letting Kate loose. Her body shaking, Jerry felt pity as it sounded as if she was crying. Her face turned and it wasn’t tears but laughter.

“My fucking hero. Dude I knew it was too good to be true. Safe place to get away my ass.”

Jerry fumbled as words failed him, Kate got up and brushed herself off. Walking toward his bedroom Jerry heard her open the closet. It took him a minute to gain the strength to face Kate again, when he did she was laid back on the edge of his bed passed out. He could see his seed leaking out of her as she was on full display. Next to her was his outfit with a picture on it, it was him with a woman he had saved before. It was like looking at someone else’s life as they were smiling together. His mind spun back to that day, and worse to that night where he allowed the woman he saved to “Thank him personally” for stopping the bank robbers. On the back it said my hero Jerry.

The next day on page 12 just a blurb, former self-proclaimed hero found in apartment dead from an apparent heart attack with overdosed local prostitute.  In the alley a young man found the outfit in a trash bag and put it on. Standing in front of the mirror he thought now he could become the next city hero.


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Stolen moment


A stolen kiss, it began like a fire that turned to a tryst

In the back room next to the mop and broom it was bliss

Totally lost in the moment it was so wrong but right

The sensations high as emotions took flight

Lips exploring one another, hands roaming freely

Soft flesh as moans escaped with a caress easily

Forbidden, shunned, scorned, the risks was worth it

The feel of flesh as I kissed up her back and our bodies fit

Tossing all worry aside I felt the sweet slide as we embraced

The cheesy music played as I thrust and glide savagely paced

Hands gripping the needy breast that craved a touch

Her mews grew with as we were consumed in lust

Oh gods and yes please as I felt her body squeeze

Such a powerful moment brought me to my need

Hands dug tightly in her hips I felt my release explode

In the end is it not the place for us to both unload

Panting as I kissed her neck we both got redressed

Now to escape unnoticed and emotions repressed

Opening the room her hand took my arm with a smile

A kiss on the cheek then she walked down the isle

A last sight as I sighed with delight her body so sweet

With a glare I saw the manager stare, her face red as a beet

I gave a shrug as I went back to my work station

She knew customer service was my true vocation…


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