In The Fog

The snap of a twig, dark sunken eyes now in view
A tip of the hat, the predator comes into view

The grey of the fog turning on the water like a sprite dancing

Stretching out its tendrils like a beast reaching

In the whirl a form slowly comes and goes

Mushrooms? Maybe a stick, oh wait are those…. Toes?

A foot bare except for the caked on mud that clings

The fog thins and slowly reveals more of the scene

Calf so pale in the dim light, or maybe not

The litter of leaves cover the insidious spot

Pushing the litter back a form starts to appear

Eyes hollow, glazed, filled with a final fear

Tattered dress offers no cover in this final place

Bruises and blood cover the once angelic face

Marks of a struggle mar the ashen flesh all over

Was it a villain, a predator, or a jilted lover?

Truth is that this was no accident that happened

Her body the object of something partially planned

A locket still attached around the bruised throat

Only the faint smell of death, the body yet to bloat

The snap of a twig, dark sunken eyes now in view

A tip of the hat, the predator comes into view

The cloak pulled tight to not reveal the true form

Still in all it was old tattered and well worn

Looking on as if gazing at a lover sleeping in bed

So many questions fill my spinning head

A large sack he now takes out of his black bag

Leaning down he caresses the ever still head

Hands push away the debris laying all about

Tenderly picking up the form and kissing its mouth

With care he puts the prize in the bag and lifts

Turning again towards me and with another hat tip

The fog rolls in and swallows the scene

Was it real or was it just a dark dream?

Those eyes

My heart flutters for a moment, my mind hesitates
My every nerve electrified as I for an instant contemplate

A nod to acknowledge the new rider in the back

Afternoon my man, did you hear about this or that

Normal enough all in all as I hit the gas

I look in the mirror to see if I am clear to pass

My heart flutters for a moment, my mind hesitates

My every nerve electrified as I for an instant contemplate

Deep sea green, the color of a storm stare back at me

I can see what can only be described as turbulency

Maybe that was the thing I felt growing inside

Oh my, this was going to be a long ride

Glancing while dancing in the throng of cars

Conversation went from topics near and far

The dark shock of hair curling down pushed back

A joke that it was a wild hedonism from his past

My throat dry as he talked, a voice that commanded respect

It had been some time since this feeling went unchecked

Was that a slip, did I hear the word he?

The thought of him with a lover like me

Relaxed and easier the conversation came

It was apparent I wasn’t the only one aflame

Sun sinking toward the horizon lit his face

The olive complexion glowing with angelic grace

I am no fool to what lie inside his burning mind

Alas it comes time when there is an end to each ride

His lover dashes out to meet him at the car so distressed

I bid them both a good day knowing it is for the best

Safe travels they say in reply and the door closes

Life is about choices and this one was what I had chosen

He might be gone but I still have the memory in my mind

Those eyes from that afternoon ride, and it’s all mine.

The ride

I might have been taken back by her forward response but honestly by now it was feeling more normal to hear bold honest confessions from riders. I glanced in the mirror occasionally as we talked. Being dark with the mirror turned to night driving I could see her cleavage perfectly as well as the soft lines of her throat. The rattling of the beast in the cage was intense. Since the conversation was flowing I just let it roll as she talked.

Rolling into a nice neighborhood to pick up my fair late that evening. Well late for me being it was just 2200, I like shutting down before dealing with the intoxicated masses becomes the norm. A tall leggy blonde came walking out sporting a plaid mini-skirt, white blouse tied along her midriff accenting her amble breast and exposing her belly piercing. The little pink handbag and pony tail swishing around as she walked toward the car just added to the sexy scene as she entered the car. That first whiff of perfume made all my nerves go into overdrive. Remaining as calm as I could I held back my urges to made some obscene comment like “Looks like you are going for an exciting night” Checking her destination I tried not to smirk as it was a hotel across town, also it was going to be a long drive being to get there. The next hour she was “captive” in my car.

Small talk for a little bit after I asked and confirmed the location we were going to. Her smile and all out friendly personality started poking at an itch, one I knew would be bad to scratch. I tried to talk about the weather, local teams, even asking how her week was. Her snicker as I asked about her week made my ears perk up. I quickly learned she was a “specialist in pleasure”, offering massages and other services to make her clients feel good. The house I picked her up at was a gentleman that had acquired her services while his wife was out of town.

“So he was in need of some relaxation.” I quipped without thinking it through

“Baby you have no idea, so many of these guys are needing a little special attention, it is a service I offer.”

I might have been taken back by her forward response but honestly by now it was feeling more normal to hear bold honest confessions from riders. I glanced in the mirror occasionally as we talked. Being dark with the mirror turned to night driving I could see her cleavage perfectly as well as the soft lines of her throat. The rattling of the beast in the cage was intense. Since the conversation was flowing I just let it roll as she talked.

“What kinds of services do you offer?” I regretted saying that as soon as I did

Her giggle was like gasoline to my already on fired desire.

“Really I am good with most anything my clients want to do. Most just want a woman to touch them or make them feel good. Listen and tell them what a manly man they are, or beautiful woman. A couple like to tie me up, and some like to be tied up.”

She was talking about the realm I am well acquainted with.

I shifted around in my seat as I heard a ping and saw the time change with a message of stop added to the ride. She had edited the ride and now it felt like cat and mouse as we drove into a dingy side of town. I pulled up at the stop and she opened the back door getting out. Next thing I knew she opened the passenger door in the front and got in.

“Baby I know men, I can see you have a need for some release. Would you like me to help you with that?”

There was no hesitation as my brain was no longer doing the thinking. I opened my door and walked toward the back of the car. She got out and strode toward the back as well. My pants felt like a cage as she got closer. I felt every nerve on edge as I grabbed her by the pony tail and pushed her over the trunk of the car. Her “mummmm” of encouragement made me tingle as my hand pushed up under her skirt. Her wet pussy a perfect hole to fulfill my need with. Flipping her skirt up I exposed her tight rounded ass. I knelt down and bit one side as she gasped.

“That’s it baby, have fun just don’t leave any marks okay”

I didn’t reply as my mind was too far gone. No warning as I pushed three fingers straight into her wet hole. Her gasp and mew were like having my own personal cheering squad. I thrust in and out as she started to gasp and shudder. A few minutes later I had changed position still finger fucking her then pulling her pony tail. I could feel her wetness coating me hand as she gasped and shuddered.

“Oh my god, oh my god. OH MY GOOOOOODDDDD!!!!”

Her orgasm ripped through her as I smiled. I knew I was hitting her G spot and I doubted she would be able to hold back and not cum. I pulled her by the pony tail to the hood of the car. She offered no resistance as I pushed her on the hood. I manhandled her lithe body getting her into the position I wanted. Without warning I pulled my pants down and shoved my cock into her. The curve in it ran the head along her G spot again as she was melting and shaking. Thrust after thrust ripped into her as I unleashed my inter beast. Pulling her hair back I growled as I bit her neck.

“Harder, bit harder” she uttered

As she wished, I bit harder. My hand ran up and I pinched her nipple, her body stiff as she exploded in an almost violent wave of pleasure. Her voice echoing off the empty building. Raw, dirty, animal sex as I pumped away. I could feel my own need growing as I knew it was now or never. Grabbing her by the throat my hand pinching her in the right place her body shuddering and she went wild. I knew she would start to black out, I am no stranger to this. She jerked as started to go limp. I let go knowing she was just at the edge of passing out. Pulling my cock out of her wet cunt I pushed at the tight opening that had yet to be violated. Her juices just enough to get the head of my cock in her ass. That was all it took as I released my own volley of orgasmic bliss. In her stupor as coming around she went into overdrive. Her howl of painful pleasure was music to my ears as I pushed in. I kept going as long as I could as she just shook and was incoherent. Finally the edge was wearing off as I was covered in sweat despite if being chilly outside. As I pulled out she just laid there for a moment, her eyes still glazed from the intensity.  

“Baby you know how to use a woman” she finally whispered.

I offered her a towel to clean up with as she staggered to get her footing. Wiping my cock clean with the towel she knelt and kissed the head.

“You evil piece of man meat, you made my poor little butt hurt. But it felt so good.”

Getting back in the car I waited till she was ready to continue the trip. Some small talk as we drove to the final destination. She leaned up kissing my neck as we arrived.

“Baby I hope I get to ride with you again she said as she got out”

The beep of a horn as the light had turned green. I quickly came to my senses and followed the route to the destination.

She got out she turned with a smiled, “Thank you for the ride baby, have a good night.”

I wished her a good night and turned off the meter. I had a wicked fantasy of her still playing in my head as I rolled for home. I hope her night was as good as mine was.

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The Cold Truth

Now for my first Dashboard confession I am going to start off with this. Not an experience but how as the one behind the wheel I see the people that come and go in the cabin of my car. Each one different, dealing with their own moment and I get a snapshot into their life, tainted by whatever moment they are involved in or dealing with.

Do not disparage sweet mortal creature, the soft embrace of night will come as a cloak to engulf you. The dreaded specter of horrors and macabre isn’t near as frightening as the prospect of living in this day and age. It is not a case of if the Reaper comes, but when and how. Yes there are so many questions and so few answers. The vale is not an end but the beginning of a new adventure, a place of new hopes, dreams and exploration.

Alas the gift of immortality was not granted to the flesh of humanity. Eternity belongs to the gods whom watch and select the next cattle that is pleasing to them. Frail fleshy creatures, obsessed with life but not with living, to extend the numbers of days but not truly experiencing the gift as it is meant to be. Ants racing around as if members of a stirred mound, climbing over one another to reach that moments destination only to repeat it once again the next rotation of the earth. Plugging into the machine, being a cog in a vast engine that would still run perfectly fine without the infinitesimal offering. The worshipers that come in hopes of receiving some reward for the effort put forth.

Predator and prey wrapped in the same soft flesh, predators looking for the thrill of their prey falling under their prowess. The cycle a revolving door and there is no top or end of it all. A sea of tossed waves. One moment hunter, the next hunted, the hunter now hunted by the ones wishing to keep the status quo. The vast sea of sheep in the fold so tempting for the wolf, salivating as one has wandered into harm’s way. I bleating and then silence as the wolf licks its chops savoring that last tender bite. Self-appointed keepers of the flock, predators themselves hunting the wolf who will not conform to what is said to be the normal behaviors of the flock. Oppression of the flock’s expectation of each member quell the individual from striving to become more.

This quelling, is it the catalyst that causes one to fall astray so to speak? Is it the fuel that sets the soul ablaze to engage in various behaviors that seem deviant to others? I dare say this is far from the truth. The reality is much more exciting and frightening to some. In the hidden vault of the mind the pool of chemicals combine as the electrons fire. Neurons, receptors more chemicals, experiences cause waves of hormones that ebb and flow like a cerebral tidal pool.  Perception is so key to life, how one sees events, feels the moment unfolding. A glowing smile or a gloomy frown all but the difference of a few facial muscles both happening a moment apart as an event triggers the facial change. It is for the one that encounters the wearer of the face to determine if that is meant for them or is the result of some other event. A chess game for some, a challenge for others an enigma for many. Again, the action expected when facing a smile, a scowl, the embrace of a friend or the awkward bumping into some stranger, each has a socially expected response. Even in the last moments of life as the flesh gasps for that last breath, there is a seeming expectation.  

Act amiss from the status normal and watch as the sheep scatter, veer too far and see the gasp in horror. The truth is only in the public eye do they wear this façade, for the heart and mind cage their own would be deviant ideals. Captive to the form they die a little each day trying to keep an accepted appearance else they be cast aside for one that seems more normal to fit into that slot that has come available. Oh but the deep cravings of their carnal flesh do call, beckoning them to indulge in the sweet delights. The cookie in the jar calling, the apple with its tempting flesh just begging to be taken and bitten into. The self-loathing that comes as hidden desires plague the mind of the one trying to walk the line. Oh but for the one that tastes the sweetness it is nirvana for the delights are endless.

Linger on in the land of sheep and wolves, endure the realm and reality. One day the cloak will come and wrap softly or tightly bind plucking its fruit from this realm. Either way stop being afraid, look to the adventures and desires that are manifest in the depths of the mind, and live little sheep, live.

Misadventure of Kate part 2

The emotions that ran wild in Kate were beyond any fear and terror she had ever known before. When he came out a few minutes later she fell slack in the restraints and started to sob

Once again I will start this out with a trigger warning. It is not easy to read for some and this is a retelling of what was related to me by the person referred to in the story as Kate.

Waking alone some time later Kate realized she had soiled herself. The stench of urine filled the small room, she was tied up but still dressed. She could feel the soreness from his rough attention he had given earlier but she had to assume that was all he had done to her, so far. Her jaw ached and was swollen from his brutal fist. The door opened unexpectedly as he loomed in the frame. His harsh hand reached in and pulled her out by the hair. Dragging her as she struggled to gain some footing Kate was at the mercy of this evil man. Kate saw the over grown front yard that was a stark contrast to the mowed back yard. Slipping in the mud as he led her to the frame of what once used to be a swing set that he quickly secured her hands to over her head. Kate knew she was in real trouble now, she was alone. Her phone and car back at the gym, no one even knew she had gone to the gym. Her mind tried to focus on escape when he grabbed her face and her full attention. The blade he was holding looked menacing, razor sharp she found out as he cut her clothing away. He tossed them into a barrel and walked over. Spraying them with lighter fluid Kate really couldn’t process what she was witnessing till he struck a match and tossed it in on the clothes. In seconds her clothes were engulfed in flames. Kate felt real fear and panic grow as the flames were the only light she could see. He left her there with her fear as he walked into the old run down double wide trailer.

The emotions that ran wild in Kate were beyond any fear and terror she had ever known before. When he came out a few minutes later she fell slack in the restraints and started to sob. He was carrying a bucket in one hand and a container in the other. The world on the container were “Great Value Bleach” in big bold letters. Without loosening her arms he moved the locking points and secured her legs. With a grunt he hoisted her in the air. Now she was suspended facing skyward her legs secured to the same bar her arms were. Kate’s mind is blown, it was too much as she just hung there. It felt like she is out of body now as her mind went into overdrive. The overload of emotions seemed to flow from her brain as her only thought was she is about to die. Her bladder empties as he drawn near, he just laughed as he took a hose out of the bucked. As it uncoiled Kate realized it had an enema tip on it. Her whole body shuddered as he pushed the tip in. Kate just kept saying it is not real, he is just using water, trying to fuck with my mind even more. The smell of bleach hit her nose as he took off the top and started administering it into her. She felt as if her heart was going to explode as it pounded in her chest. Her bowels felt like the were set on fire after a couple minutes. After what felt like forever she expelled everything.

He took some coals and placed them under her, then took the remains of her burnt clothing and tossed them on the pile he made under her. This was it Kate thought as heat slowly grew in intensity. Her mind drifting as if it was all a dream, a really messed up twisted horror erotic dream. All those damsel in destress books she had read, all those dark stories she found on line, everything was racing through her mind at once. Some part of her felt a twinge of relief, she was getting to live a version of all those dark twisted fantasies she was drawn to. She felt the heat had grown enough to start to become uncomfortable but not enough yet to burn, the man just watching and sliding his blade over a sharpening stone. His eyes as cold and dark as the nigh. She could see the want and intent in those dark orbs she was now fixated on. Her rapist, tormentor and savior. Saving her from the continued agony of the life she hated, from the ache of things she craved but was to scared to tell anyone. Saved from herself and her risky behaviors that till now was her version of flirting with danger but never before had she been taken up on it. Now she was on a grand slam date as he was taking her through all the bases.

The moment was shattered as his phone rang. The almost comical chirping seemed so out of place, shattering the moment. The acrid smoke that was lulling Kate into her dreamlike state now was chocking as he answered the phone. The ensuing argument between him and the caller as he told them to deal with it sent him into a deep rage. He told them he as in the middle of an important personal matter. He needed them to take care of it. No, he was not coming in to fix this because he didn’t break it in the first place. He hung up and spit in anger then walked back inside. He emerged and Kate’s mind again spun out of control. He was carrying a container of cooking oil, a basting brush and a meat thermometer. He took the brush and plunged it into the oil and started coating her body with. The oil had some kind of herbal scenting to it as well, like a sage or something. When the brush ran over her pussy he pushed it in then got extra oil to make sure it filled her cavity. He repeated the process to her ass. He pushed the thermometer deep in her ass and stirring the coals smiled at her telling her she was going to be delicious. Kate lost it as the brush again ran between her legs, she could mentally envision him carving her body as she shook in an unexpected orgasm. It wasn’t the method she ever really though much about but suddenly it was all she could think about. His phone rang again. This time the person was insistent as Kate could hear the other man yelling at her captor. Finally her captor yelled fine but if my BBQ is ruined because of your stupidity I will hold you responsible. He hung up the phone and went to get a shovel. Tossing sand on the fire below her he ran his hand along her side. Yeah can’t have such a tasty looking piece of meat being burnt to a crisp. His hand cupped her ass as he half laughed half grunted then turned and left in his van.

Kate hung there left with her thoughts and her body’s aching. The cool breeze made her shudder as morning was approaching she lost trach of time but was jostled as she saw approaching headlights. The guy jumped out of the van and quickly walked towards her, not a word as he unfastened her and tossed a towel over her. He told her to get in the van and she did. Her mind numb and broken as he drove them away from the place. A while later he stopped and got out. The door in the back of the van opened as he all but drug her out and left her there in the middle of a warehouse area in just a towel. The sun was coming up and she could hear cars crossing different nearby streets. A car pulled up and an older gentleman rolled the window down. Sweetie you look like you could use some help. All the emotions and the reality hit her as she burst into tears suddenly. The older man took her to the gym that Kate asked him to. She showered as best she could then took something from the lost and found to get her home in. Her mind was bent and broken as she turned on the bath and tried to soak away the aches in her body. She knew somewhere out there was a hungry man who missed having her for dinner.