Sargent Cougar

As the new recruits filed in to meet with the Captain and Sargent it smelled more like a locker room than a briefing room. The aged building with antiquated concrete walls painted a dull white made it look like it had been through several lifetimes. There was a dull mumbling as we talked between ourselves, everyone nervous and excited. We were all to eager to prove our worth after spending so much time in training. The room came to a hush as the Captain introduced the room to Sargent Karen Peters.


Karen eyed over her coffee at the new meat coming in. It was obvious she was hungry and hunting, but not just anything would sate her appetite. She knew what she liked as she gazed over the new fresh faces in the briefing room. She picked up the roster and called out names and issued assignments. My name was called, as I was instructed where to report. As I walked out the room I was pulled aside by the Captain.

“Son, I know you are new here so a piece of unsolicited advice, be careful around Karen. She has a reputation if you know what I mean.”


Before he could reply we were interrupted by the other guy who was assigned with me. We could have been brothers, almost the same height and hair color. He was about five years younger than I was with a boyish smile and clean-shaven face. We both were tall and thin, I was 5’11” 135 lbs. soaking wet in my uniform and he looked about the same.

“Hi, I’m Joe.” He said with his hand extended. “Looks like we will be working together.”

“Good to meet you.” I shot back slightly annoyed I didn’t get to hear the advice being handed to me.

We went and got our gear and headed to our assigned area. We met out unit leader and assigned to the same post. It was basically fly or die after the academy we soon learned. For the next two weeks Joe and I would work the same shifts together. From this we would be evaluated after, if the unit leader thought we were capable we would be given a permanent position, if not we were given a different partner for another two weeks. The first week was a blur of trying to soak in everything, decide what was important and what was just garbage needed to be ignored. The second week we started to get into the routine and began to step into our rolls for the unit. Sarge would stop in and observe us as we dealt with our day to day operations.

“Looks like you two boys got the Sarge’s attention.” Our unit leader chimed in one day. “She had been watching you both more than most, watch out boys” he said with a chuckle and walked off.

I was left feeling a bit unsettled thinking I was messing up and wasn’t going to make the cut. When it came time for the evaluation, I was sitting in the chair waiting as Joe was in for his meeting. He came out with a perplexed look on his face and his voice cracked a little when he told me it was my turn. I walked in sweat all but poring off my back. It was hot in the room anyway as I sat for a few more minutes before Captain, Sarge and our unit leader came in.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?” Sarge said curtly “I have heard good things and after personally observing you in action I recommend you be allowed to proceed on your own as an officer. Any objections?”

The Captain and my unit leader agreed with her. After a short do’s and don’ts talk it was over in less than ten minutes.

“Well,” Sarge said “just some formal paperwork and you will be ready to get going with your assignment”

The captain and unit leader left as Sarge pulled out a stack of papers for me to go over.

“Now that they have left, I just wanted to say I am really impressed how you handle yourself. You seem like you are capable and able to take on whatever comes your way.”

“Well I hope so ma’am” I said with a smile.

“No need for ma’am here. You can call me Karen.”

I would like to say I was a gentleman and respectful but anyone that knows me knows I don’t miss an opportunity to flirt. I signed in the places in the mound of papers I needed to and I gave a wink sliding back the papers. Sarge wasn’t the first cougar I had been stalked by, so I knew the game and I let her see I wasn’t afraid of her hunting me. I let her circle the table as her nails ran along my arm.

“Oh baby, you best be careful else someone might gobble you up.”

“Is that a promise ma’am?” I replied with a smirk.


She might have been twenty years my senior and only 4’10” and light as a feather but she was a sexual maniac when we were together. I showed her what I knew, and she taught me a few new things. One thing I can say, bless those cougars because they know what they are doing and how they want it with no qualms about letting you know.

In Lockdown

My mind hazy as to how I got here, I remember the bar. Drinks flowing and music thumping so hard I could feel it in my bones. That redhead that came up boldly asking if I was the kind of man to buy a strange woman a drink

The slow scraping sound coming down the hall sent a chill along my spine. One small bulb secured to the wall faintly illuminating the small cube of a room. A small bunk with a filthy mattress flopped on it, had seen much use and added to the rank odor to the room. The metal toilet and sink combination only feet away. The air stale and damp, the smell of lost hope and desperation clung like an oily residue. The walls pealing their grey layers of paint revealing a metal bulkhead underneath. Another scraping sound only much closer from outside the room.

My mind hazy as to how I got here, I remember the bar. Drinks flowing and music thumping so hard I could feel it in my bones. That redhead that came up boldly asking if I was the kind of man to buy a strange woman a drink. Of course I was, and did. A couple hours later we were in her hotel room. I remember undressing her slowly, taking my time as she tried to rush me. Her need to feel needed and wanted ablaze. My hands all over her flesh my teeth grazed and my lips planting kisses. Her flesh so pale it glowed in the night air as we made slow love on the balcony. The light of the full moon bathing us both while we were intertwined, the world melt away in an explosion of pleasure. Kissing her neck as her body arched, her cried carried on the night breeze. Her green eyes opening with a soft sweet smile that turned to a blank stare. Excruciating pain seared through my flesh as the world disappeared into nothingness.

A sudden scrape and a flap opened. A tray was shoved in with what appeared to be some type of paste looking goop on it. The greasy scent just added to the disgusting feel of the room. A voice outside, mechanical in nature crackled like from a half working drive through speaker.

“Another subject from investigation 382 is now awake and aware. Food supplement offered to subject. Observation of social and mating ritual with drone model a success in capturing a heathy male specimen. Further testing will be required to see what category the subject will best be placed in. Because of potential of contamination it will be kept in isolation till full results of testing are completed.

Subject 8725, after you have consumed the meal given to you please place the meal container back at the portal it entered through. After you have eaten knock on the wall over the portal, an assistant will take you to the medical testing and processing area. You have one hour to comply.”

A scraping sound as I looked at what “meal” was left behind. What was happening? Had I just lost my mind and this was all some part of a psychotic dream? The food was little more than paste. It smelled much like the dog food I remember giving to my pet when I was a kid. A taste and I was banging on the wall. Several minutes later a blue glow lit along the edges of what I could only assume was a door. A hissing sound as the door opened and there she stood, the woman I had a memory of on the balcony. She smiled and held out her hand.

“Come with me, please.”

Suddenly I was aware of my nudity as she was unclothed as well. If this was some kind of crazy dream I was definitely aroused. As she turned I felt even more exposed as her hand grazed my side. I could feel my face flush as she looked down and gave a slight smile.

“There is nothing to be concerned about. You simply need to be examined and processed. Failure to comply will result in a longer time in quarantine.”

I followed feeling more like a lamb to the slaughter than a person anymore. We passed many more doors before entering into a larger area. A line of men all ages and races with a copy of the same woman who was with me. I looked on in shock.

“I can since your apprehension, I am a collection droid. Apparently a very successful one for your species as you can tell by this batch of subjects.”

“Subjects for what?”

“All I can inform you is that your system was placed into quarantine several of what you would call millennium ago. The exact records as to why have been lost. We are here to access the potential of your species.”


“Yes, if you are suitable for combat, a workforce or simply, a farm planet that was to be harvested as a later time.”

A shudder ran along my spine at that last suggestion. The thought of humanity not being alone in the universe was scary enough but the potential now I was faced with was even more unsettling. The hue of the room changed from a soft blue to a vibrant orange. A piercing shrill sound sent me to my knees. Holding my hand over my ears I looked up at the drone as it reached down and took my wrist before I passed out. I felt the drone dragging me back to the cell.

I came too as the drone sat on the bed watching.


“It seems there is an issue with the processing station. For now, you must remain here in lockdown till the malfunction is over. I shall remain to keep you company.”