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It is 1991 and I am sitting in the classroom fidgeting. Collage was fun but this having to take art appreciation was for the birds. I was there to learn how to work in the medical field. Art was the last thing on my mind, except that walking piece of art that was sitting just a few seats away.  The professor walked in and dimmed the lights before turning on the projector. The wall showed a all too familiar painting, The Last Supper. He gave us the history and details on how it had survived the second world war and facts that would probably interesting to an art major I guess it was interesting but really I already had seen it and fine it had some cool history. Nineteen-year-old me was not a fan of the classics.


A few more slides from his trip to see the painting in person and how marvelous it was. Yes, I was head tipped back zoned a million miles away. Chad my study partner slapped me to make sure I was still paying attention. If I had been, he would have never gotten a hit in. I cut him a dirty look and focused on the painting. The timing could not have been better. No Becky in the front row did not start her cheer/stripper routine or anything like that. It was the next frame he showed. I sat there stunned and in total fascination.

last supper

It was The Last Supper by Salvador Dali. I had seen his work before though to be honest I had little care for art before then, it was just a rad painting. I think the prof saw my interest and he left the image up as he spoke about Dali and some of the more odd and interesting facts about what has become my favorite painter.

In many ways his surreal art reflects how I view much of the world. He was often call exotic or eccentric, but I feel he saw the world much how I feel it is. Twisted and broken to those who would but look. Melting as everyone seems to carry on like everything is fine. Breaking out of the bonds of everyday thinking and being willing to accept it is not a perfect world but a beautiful one that is filled with strange and glorious things for one’s brave enough to seek them. So be brave and step out and take in this crazy wonderful world.

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10 thoughts on “Art appreciation”

  1. Dali sure had a unique way of capturing the world, and it seems every time I see one of his paintings, I discover something new in it! There really is a meaning to every element he added to his creations 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. He was something else. I love his work and like you see something new each time I check his work out

  2. What is amazing about art is that we see a perspective of the world that is different from our own and we can learn so much from it. It’s nice to reminded of that.

    1. I enjoy how a piece can mean something different to different people or even at different times of life

    1. Yes we should break out and live. And no worries about sharing a link. Than you for stopping by

  3. Dali really was unique, but I do have one question…why are there no kangaroos in his version?

    Always good to get the daily Monty Python out of the way.

    1. Because he never could make kangaroos look any stranger 🤷‍♂️ lol
      Thanks for stopping by

  4. I’ve never seen this version of The Last Supper before, but I love it. Feels dream-like and somewhat outside of time. I can see why it caught your attention.

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