Rambling Down the Road

This contains adult sexual situations so if you are under 18 go away.

Riding through downtown always on the watch for a rider, always on the prowl. It is not exactly predator and prey but at least it is something to take the edge off. You must have a feel about it, some would call it a sixth sense. What areas to cruise at what time of day, almost a need to be able to predict the need of a random stranger. A ping and I head to the place to pick up my next rider.


I pull up to a hotel on a less than savory side of town. The hotel is run down, the light on the sign is flickering like it is threatening to go out at any time. I can smell the weed clinging to the early morning air as I push the button that sends the rider a signal I am there. It is always a crap shoot as to what kind of person will be at an establishment like this. A door opens a couple rooms up and a lady is waving to me with her phone in hand, a universal signal to a driver like me that is the person I am looking for. She opens the door and gets in, not what I had been expecting at all. There is the smell of an expensive perfume to accompany her smart style of dress. She did not have the disheveled appearance I was anticipating. A quick verification she was the correct person and the address and off we go into the early morning darkness.

I focus on the road as she is on the phone talking to someone and she laughs then bids them a good morning and thanks them for a wonderful night. Suddenly it is quiet except for the music I play to keep my mind occupied. I can see her in the mirror as she is working with her phone a minute later, she clears her throat and apologizes for being preoccupied. I tell her it is no big deal to me; I have had business types spent an hour or longer in dead silence working on some corporate thing as I take them to their destination. I ask how her night was then it is like a dam opens and suddenly I go from being a driver to a confidant. At first it was broad strokes of how great her night was, then as we chatted details began to spill out. The streetlight I passed lit up the back seat. I could see her auburn hair she was twisting as she was looking right back at the mirror. Her dark eyes held a series of secrets that were slipping out from her red painted lips. The more we talked the more she became explicit in her description, also the more I had to focus on the road and not the reaction it was having on my body.

It seems her lover she had just left there was skilled at oral pleasure. I agreed with her that men that had that skill set were few and far between. She teased and asked if I had that skill as well. I felt the sudden flush in my face as I answered yes before my edit button chose a more diplomatic answer. She giggles and said she bet I made women happy then. I replied I have never had any complaints. She led the conversation further into her escapades of the night and how she loved him using a blindfold and holding her down. Traffic has picked up as rush hour is rapidly approaching, the time of what I call auto ballet. She is playing with her phone again and smiling as she bites her bottom lip. FUCK! I just blew a yellow light, at least it was not red. She giggled again and told me he took pictures of them last night with her phone so she would have them to remember. I see the upcoming red light and stop for it.

We get to the destination as she sits and waits for a moment. I end the ride, but she still is waiting and asks if I am in a hurry, she wants to show me something. I turn my meter off, and she leans back in the dark back seat. I can see her clearly as she spreads her legs and starts to touch herself. It is wicked fun watching as she touches and plays with her lips and slips a finger then two inside. She is looking right at me as she continues. She asks if I want to show her those oral skills I talked about earlier. I did not hesitate as I got out and entered the back seat. I could smell the scent of lavender soap and her juices as I leaned closer. Replacing her fingers with mine I enjoyed her gasp. I worked her wetness and rubbed my thumb on her eager clit. Her breath was getting faster and more ragged as her fingers gripped the sides of her skirt. I leaned closer and her fingers now gripped my hair. I followed her lead to where she wanted, needed attentions. It did not take long before she was having her first orgasm, I refused to let up and brought her to another. After I have gotten her to her third, she panted and pushed me away still shaking. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a condom. She asked if I minded, of course I was good to go as she told me to lay back. Her hand soft as she worked it over me, then we adjusted so she could let me slip into her. I kissed her neck and gave a few nips as well and tugged on her earlobe. I rocked her slowly at first adjusting myself so I could enjoy her as much as she was enjoying. Before too long I felt my need growing as I released with my primal growl. The look of shock and sudden pleasure as she exploded under me was perfect.

A honking car as I had been sitting at the green light too long apparently. I looked in the mirror as she giggles looking back at me. I got to shop daydreaming at red lights.

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A Real Tip

As the trip continued it got quiet in the back. Only the occasional street light from a house turn in as the route we were on was dark. I heard a gasp and asked if everything was okay. A giggle and a yes was the only reply I got.

“Good evening, how are you two doing this fine evening?”

The two college age girls giggled as they got in the back of the car. A mousy looking blonde and an in charge looking brunette. They replied they were doing great, I confirmed the destination as into the night we drove. They snickered and talked about the guys that had been asking them out and how many times do you have to tell a guy you aren’t interested in them.

As the trip continued it got quiet in the back. Only the occasional street light from a house turn in as the route we were on was dark. I heard a gasp and asked if everything was okay. A giggle and a yes was the only reply I got.

The next flash of light showed the mousy blonde kissing the neck of the brunette, pinning her to the side of the car. A whimper and soft moan as I could only imagine what was going on in the back seat. There was a growing smell of heated female lust as I shifted uncomfortably, my pants suddenly feeling a size too small. As we got into a more lighted area I got a good look in the mirror at the exposed, B cup or so, breast and parted legs. Knowing that we were getting close to the destination I cleared my throat and announced we would be arriving in five minutes.

As we approached the building a breathless request for me to pull around back was uttered. I was more than happy to oblige their request as I made the turn and sat trying to not be obvious about my own voyeuristic enjoyment. The nails digging into the leather made me cringe a little but the moans and energy in the car was electrifying. I felt like I was going to explode just watching the hot duo going at it. Finally the long kiss was released as the one that was in control looked up at me in the mirror. She looked like a hungry cat as her blonde hair flowed around her face. She opened her door and walked to mine.  

“Open up baby, you earned a real tip” the demand in her voice and fire in her eyes let me know it was going to be worth it.

Without another word she unzipped my pants and took out my raging hard cock. She gave a wicked smile and muttered nice as she engulfed it in her hot mouth. I slid my fingerers in her hair. I felt her growl as she went down.

“FUCK!” I yelped as I couldn’t hold back.

Her throat felt like it opened up as she slid all the way down as I came. Taking every drop she got back to her feet and smiled and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue as well as her lover in the back seat, who was watching the show.

I drove them to the front as I was still shaky from her attentions. I croaked as I bid them a good night. They giggled and waved as they disappeared into the building. The next stop was to a parking lot to air out my car that wreaked of sex and clean off the wet spot in the seat…


Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt
That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt
Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing
That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

The slowly cresting moon in the sky, a shriek as the plane goes by

I notice the form from the corner of my eye

Long legs, short skirt, tall boots cutting at the muscular thighs

Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt
That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt
Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing
That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

The door opens, a polite greeting as she takes her seating

In the mirror a quick glance of the cleavage open for the seeing

Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt

That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt

Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing

That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

Silky words, questions pry into personal things now shared

Every nerve screaming as my mind says to beware

A ping, the ride has changed, cat and mouse now that game

Who is prey and who is hunting the question now to begin

First stop, she exits and enters the store, walking to show more

Dropping something in front of the car, the view I have instore

Full display that ebony flesh, looking back with a taunting wink

The feel of hunger and tightening pants, willpower now sinks

Returning with a button more open, more flesh on display

The twisted minx makes it clear she is game to play

The front door opens now as she slides in with a smile

Knowing what she is doing all the wicked while

Around the bend she yawns and stretches, another button pop

Her breast all but fall out of the almost open top

Hand touching my arm, I do not react, she grins more

Her hand slides to my leg as I shift, I want to explore

Nails drag over the pants, I give a few playful glances

Shifting enough for her deft hand slides to the zipper on the pants

No hesitation as her hand snakes in and she takes a grip

Her thumb like silk as it works its magic trick

Leaning over, hot breath on the head of my cock

Pushing her head down she takes all, it is hard as a rock

Tongue like soft satin caresses and runs along my think shaft

Her skill amazing as she is going to make me come too fast

She is warned but doesn’t slow down one bit

My hot load now invading her greatly talented lips

Arriving only a few minutes later at the destination

We get out as I am going to return her naughty favor

The heat of the hood makes her jump as I push her down

One hand on her chest as the other is roaming around

The smell of her perfume intoxicating as my lips caress her skin

My hand finds her wetness as my fingers slip within

Gasping as two fingers penetrate, my thumb on her clit rubbing

The free hand opens, more rips, her shirt and freeing

Beautiful dark flesh to suck and bite, nipples like dark chocolate delight

She shudders as I add another finger, she is so tight

Fingers spreading open the sweet flesh exposing the red velvety prize

Licking slowly, teasing with each move of my wicked tongue

Her hands on the back of my head, guiding to what she wants done

Bucking and grinding on my face, now coated in her juice

She gasps then goes stiff before letting loose

Primal growls escape her succulent lips

Flooding my face as she continues to gyrate her hips

Grinding, whining, her hunger not yet sated

My recovery for the event we both anticipated

The tip of my cock pressing then a primal thrust

Both now engulfed in animalistic lust

Her eyes go wide as those nails sink in my skin

Pounding with a hunger driven desire to flood her again

Thrusting and grinding against her needy fuck hole

Lust, need and desire all together now roll

Mews and pants escape her as I ravage her flesh

Sweat cooled by the breeze that comes with occasional gusts

The cries to her deity as I take her like a demon

My hand over her mouth as her pleasure becomes screaming

Wave after wave rip through as her whole body shakes

An evil smile as I feel her legs tremble and shake

My own desire growing as a surge of swelling increases my girth

Her legs wrap about and I fuck her for all I am worth

I give warning I am going to spill another load in her

She tightens her legs like a dog clinging to dinner

My hands on her throat, her head tips back

Choking her as I feel the tightness in my sack

Clinching tight to milk every drop of my seed

In her pussy I release with my savage greed

Her body jerks as I let loose, her eyes rolled back

With a demon like yell her life rushes back

A howl of fierce release, her body shudders hard

A flood coats my cock as she sees stars

Laying there covered in pouring sweat

She say “Hi, by the way my name is Annette”

Those eyes

My heart flutters for a moment, my mind hesitates
My every nerve electrified as I for an instant contemplate

A nod to acknowledge the new rider in the back

Afternoon my man, did you hear about this or that

Normal enough all in all as I hit the gas

I look in the mirror to see if I am clear to pass

My heart flutters for a moment, my mind hesitates

My every nerve electrified as I for an instant contemplate

Deep sea green, the color of a storm stare back at me

I can see what can only be described as turbulency

Maybe that was the thing I felt growing inside

Oh my, this was going to be a long ride

Glancing while dancing in the throng of cars

Conversation went from topics near and far

The dark shock of hair curling down pushed back

A joke that it was a wild hedonism from his past

My throat dry as he talked, a voice that commanded respect

It had been some time since this feeling went unchecked

Was that a slip, did I hear the word he?

The thought of him with a lover like me

Relaxed and easier the conversation came

It was apparent I wasn’t the only one aflame

Sun sinking toward the horizon lit his face

The olive complexion glowing with angelic grace

I am no fool to what lie inside his burning mind

Alas it comes time when there is an end to each ride

His lover dashes out to meet him at the car so distressed

I bid them both a good day knowing it is for the best

Safe travels they say in reply and the door closes

Life is about choices and this one was what I had chosen

He might be gone but I still have the memory in my mind

Those eyes from that afternoon ride, and it’s all mine.

The ride

I might have been taken back by her forward response but honestly by now it was feeling more normal to hear bold honest confessions from riders. I glanced in the mirror occasionally as we talked. Being dark with the mirror turned to night driving I could see her cleavage perfectly as well as the soft lines of her throat. The rattling of the beast in the cage was intense. Since the conversation was flowing I just let it roll as she talked.

Rolling into a nice neighborhood to pick up my fair late that evening. Well late for me being it was just 2200, I like shutting down before dealing with the intoxicated masses becomes the norm. A tall leggy blonde came walking out sporting a plaid mini-skirt, white blouse tied along her midriff accenting her amble breast and exposing her belly piercing. The little pink handbag and pony tail swishing around as she walked toward the car just added to the sexy scene as she entered the car. That first whiff of perfume made all my nerves go into overdrive. Remaining as calm as I could I held back my urges to made some obscene comment like “Looks like you are going for an exciting night” Checking her destination I tried not to smirk as it was a hotel across town, also it was going to be a long drive being to get there. The next hour she was “captive” in my car.

Small talk for a little bit after I asked and confirmed the location we were going to. Her smile and all out friendly personality started poking at an itch, one I knew would be bad to scratch. I tried to talk about the weather, local teams, even asking how her week was. Her snicker as I asked about her week made my ears perk up. I quickly learned she was a “specialist in pleasure”, offering massages and other services to make her clients feel good. The house I picked her up at was a gentleman that had acquired her services while his wife was out of town.

“So he was in need of some relaxation.” I quipped without thinking it through

“Baby you have no idea, so many of these guys are needing a little special attention, it is a service I offer.”

I might have been taken back by her forward response but honestly by now it was feeling more normal to hear bold honest confessions from riders. I glanced in the mirror occasionally as we talked. Being dark with the mirror turned to night driving I could see her cleavage perfectly as well as the soft lines of her throat. The rattling of the beast in the cage was intense. Since the conversation was flowing I just let it roll as she talked.

“What kinds of services do you offer?” I regretted saying that as soon as I did

Her giggle was like gasoline to my already on fired desire.

“Really I am good with most anything my clients want to do. Most just want a woman to touch them or make them feel good. Listen and tell them what a manly man they are, or beautiful woman. A couple like to tie me up, and some like to be tied up.”

She was talking about the realm I am well acquainted with.

I shifted around in my seat as I heard a ping and saw the time change with a message of stop added to the ride. She had edited the ride and now it felt like cat and mouse as we drove into a dingy side of town. I pulled up at the stop and she opened the back door getting out. Next thing I knew she opened the passenger door in the front and got in.

“Baby I know men, I can see you have a need for some release. Would you like me to help you with that?”

There was no hesitation as my brain was no longer doing the thinking. I opened my door and walked toward the back of the car. She got out and strode toward the back as well. My pants felt like a cage as she got closer. I felt every nerve on edge as I grabbed her by the pony tail and pushed her over the trunk of the car. Her “mummmm” of encouragement made me tingle as my hand pushed up under her skirt. Her wet pussy a perfect hole to fulfill my need with. Flipping her skirt up I exposed her tight rounded ass. I knelt down and bit one side as she gasped.

“That’s it baby, have fun just don’t leave any marks okay”

I didn’t reply as my mind was too far gone. No warning as I pushed three fingers straight into her wet hole. Her gasp and mew were like having my own personal cheering squad. I thrust in and out as she started to gasp and shudder. A few minutes later I had changed position still finger fucking her then pulling her pony tail. I could feel her wetness coating me hand as she gasped and shuddered.

“Oh my god, oh my god. OH MY GOOOOOODDDDD!!!!”

Her orgasm ripped through her as I smiled. I knew I was hitting her G spot and I doubted she would be able to hold back and not cum. I pulled her by the pony tail to the hood of the car. She offered no resistance as I pushed her on the hood. I manhandled her lithe body getting her into the position I wanted. Without warning I pulled my pants down and shoved my cock into her. The curve in it ran the head along her G spot again as she was melting and shaking. Thrust after thrust ripped into her as I unleashed my inter beast. Pulling her hair back I growled as I bit her neck.

“Harder, bit harder” she uttered

As she wished, I bit harder. My hand ran up and I pinched her nipple, her body stiff as she exploded in an almost violent wave of pleasure. Her voice echoing off the empty building. Raw, dirty, animal sex as I pumped away. I could feel my own need growing as I knew it was now or never. Grabbing her by the throat my hand pinching her in the right place her body shuddering and she went wild. I knew she would start to black out, I am no stranger to this. She jerked as started to go limp. I let go knowing she was just at the edge of passing out. Pulling my cock out of her wet cunt I pushed at the tight opening that had yet to be violated. Her juices just enough to get the head of my cock in her ass. That was all it took as I released my own volley of orgasmic bliss. In her stupor as coming around she went into overdrive. Her howl of painful pleasure was music to my ears as I pushed in. I kept going as long as I could as she just shook and was incoherent. Finally the edge was wearing off as I was covered in sweat despite if being chilly outside. As I pulled out she just laid there for a moment, her eyes still glazed from the intensity.  

“Baby you know how to use a woman” she finally whispered.

I offered her a towel to clean up with as she staggered to get her footing. Wiping my cock clean with the towel she knelt and kissed the head.

“You evil piece of man meat, you made my poor little butt hurt. But it felt so good.”

Getting back in the car I waited till she was ready to continue the trip. Some small talk as we drove to the final destination. She leaned up kissing my neck as we arrived.

“Baby I hope I get to ride with you again she said as she got out”

The beep of a horn as the light had turned green. I quickly came to my senses and followed the route to the destination.

She got out she turned with a smiled, “Thank you for the ride baby, have a good night.”

I wished her a good night and turned off the meter. I had a wicked fantasy of her still playing in my head as I rolled for home. I hope her night was as good as mine was.

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The Cold Truth

Now for my first Dashboard confession I am going to start off with this. Not an experience but how as the one behind the wheel I see the people that come and go in the cabin of my car. Each one different, dealing with their own moment and I get a snapshot into their life, tainted by whatever moment they are involved in or dealing with.

Do not disparage sweet mortal creature, the soft embrace of night will come as a cloak to engulf you. The dreaded specter of horrors and macabre isn’t near as frightening as the prospect of living in this day and age. It is not a case of if the Reaper comes, but when and how. Yes there are so many questions and so few answers. The vale is not an end but the beginning of a new adventure, a place of new hopes, dreams and exploration.

Alas the gift of immortality was not granted to the flesh of humanity. Eternity belongs to the gods whom watch and select the next cattle that is pleasing to them. Frail fleshy creatures, obsessed with life but not with living, to extend the numbers of days but not truly experiencing the gift as it is meant to be. Ants racing around as if members of a stirred mound, climbing over one another to reach that moments destination only to repeat it once again the next rotation of the earth. Plugging into the machine, being a cog in a vast engine that would still run perfectly fine without the infinitesimal offering. The worshipers that come in hopes of receiving some reward for the effort put forth.

Predator and prey wrapped in the same soft flesh, predators looking for the thrill of their prey falling under their prowess. The cycle a revolving door and there is no top or end of it all. A sea of tossed waves. One moment hunter, the next hunted, the hunter now hunted by the ones wishing to keep the status quo. The vast sea of sheep in the fold so tempting for the wolf, salivating as one has wandered into harm’s way. I bleating and then silence as the wolf licks its chops savoring that last tender bite. Self-appointed keepers of the flock, predators themselves hunting the wolf who will not conform to what is said to be the normal behaviors of the flock. Oppression of the flock’s expectation of each member quell the individual from striving to become more.

This quelling, is it the catalyst that causes one to fall astray so to speak? Is it the fuel that sets the soul ablaze to engage in various behaviors that seem deviant to others? I dare say this is far from the truth. The reality is much more exciting and frightening to some. In the hidden vault of the mind the pool of chemicals combine as the electrons fire. Neurons, receptors more chemicals, experiences cause waves of hormones that ebb and flow like a cerebral tidal pool.  Perception is so key to life, how one sees events, feels the moment unfolding. A glowing smile or a gloomy frown all but the difference of a few facial muscles both happening a moment apart as an event triggers the facial change. It is for the one that encounters the wearer of the face to determine if that is meant for them or is the result of some other event. A chess game for some, a challenge for others an enigma for many. Again, the action expected when facing a smile, a scowl, the embrace of a friend or the awkward bumping into some stranger, each has a socially expected response. Even in the last moments of life as the flesh gasps for that last breath, there is a seeming expectation.  

Act amiss from the status normal and watch as the sheep scatter, veer too far and see the gasp in horror. The truth is only in the public eye do they wear this façade, for the heart and mind cage their own would be deviant ideals. Captive to the form they die a little each day trying to keep an accepted appearance else they be cast aside for one that seems more normal to fit into that slot that has come available. Oh but the deep cravings of their carnal flesh do call, beckoning them to indulge in the sweet delights. The cookie in the jar calling, the apple with its tempting flesh just begging to be taken and bitten into. The self-loathing that comes as hidden desires plague the mind of the one trying to walk the line. Oh but for the one that tastes the sweetness it is nirvana for the delights are endless.

Linger on in the land of sheep and wolves, endure the realm and reality. One day the cloak will come and wrap softly or tightly bind plucking its fruit from this realm. Either way stop being afraid, look to the adventures and desires that are manifest in the depths of the mind, and live little sheep, live.