7-30 The world we know

A thimbleful of madness mixed with the dregs of life, such a bitter wine

No such elegance to behold in this disheveled existence in time

Know no simple task has been given for the forgotten and downtrodden

Civility long ago forged now a memory in the mist dead and rotten

Time as these see goodness poisoned like an apple injected with poison

Greed and lust flow free and flesh is the only commodity within reason

Reason, oh it is unreasonable to look for it here, in the valley of filth

Climb and desecrate the dreams once held as pure, give in to wealth

Little else matters in this putrid festering realm, sell your body and mind

Tendrils sliding along the edges waiting to pluck dreams left behind

No taboo so vile it is not be dreamt, the dream a growing haunting need

Slithers in the bed of the dreamer it latches in place of dreams now dead

Fallow field of a broken mind, plowed by the vile broken creatures left behind

Seeds of lust, greed and desire tilled deep sprout into a thick choking vine

The tempting fruit that hangs just past the tips of starving lips, so inviting

Look but do not touch, touch but do not taste, taste but do not enjoy imbibing

If it were some sickly pallor it would not have such appeal to lure

Monsters the masses cry out but not one amongst them is pure

Rotten to the core as their cry for punishment of the one who tasted desire

A scapegoat now shackled and brought to the center for a symbolic pyre

The masses lusty cries for blood to be spilt ascending to a fevered pitch

Each chanter harboring personal desire that slithers yet is held in check

Rage for the one who dared to imbibe and enjoy, even become intoxicated

Rules they scream as the shackles hold them back, their venom placated

Morality mingles with mortality stones fly in a self-loathing sea of humanity

Found guilty by the corrupt the scapegoat now bludgeoned at their need

At the reading of the charged, the exposing of the crime to live outside rules

A seed falls and takes hold in the soft fertile soil of another in its youth

Walking home the seed is watered as spying eyes see a pleasing thing

Will this vine take hold and grow or be a hidden withered seedling?


Yeah well it is time for some of my twisted side. As always it can trigger the sensitive reader. If you are under 18 get lost, this isn’t for you.

Shattered and bleeding on the floor, curled up desperate

The twisted reality crashing all making plans turn to shit

Nothing to do but take it, wait it out, just react to the next blow

Fucking hate how it comes and comes without hopes glow

Hemorrhaging dreams beyond recovery do a death twitch

An increasing need growing like an incessant itch

Just to feel alive, to know it will come to a head

How to go on with what feel like a land of the lost and dead

Turbulent thoughts cloud clear rational reality

Clawing in a land of nightmares, sail on the bloody sea

Blistered hands gripping the rope, climb again, climb

Wary bones exhausted muscles running out of time

Impossible possibilities dangle just a fingertip away

Falling again, like a wounded animal left on display

Shattered, angry, screaming inside and snapping everything

Fuck it, what is there left to do when it is all in flame

Positive negativity eating like acid on the flesh

Nothing left but a husk flopping like a dying fish


Scraping and clawing it has awakened from slumber

Now consumed with an endless gnawing hunger

Petulant flesh so weak when such power is roused

The surge of power washing aside the weak shroud

Finger to the sky, I am the despised and hated

Filled with needs that can be fed but can never sated

Laughing as they fear what goes bump in the night

It is the friendly smile that will bring a true fright

Intoxicated on the scent of fear the masses secrete

One on one is when it becomes a real treat…

Truth be told

Truth be told, I despise the cold, the chill to the bone that makes me feel old

Frozen in place hands over my face, I see the scene now set in place


Polaroids spread on the table, the rope slung high in the stable

Under the pictures a silver disk, on it written she really wanted this

The camera still on the pod as I put it in, a flicker then the show begins

Arms tied and held over her head, unkept hair draped down the head

Bedraggled locks falling over her face, pictures frozen in time locked in place

The expression torn from time, that look of anticipation or sublime

Red flesh from heavy hands show clear, his game of pleasure and fear

She was just his toy along for the ride, his canvas to display with pride

Another picture showing the thick hand, she is no match for this powerful man

Her lithe body a plaything for his desire, that look in her eyes is a burning fire

Pulled close to his face she can feel his hot breath, a kiss that is taken at his behest

She could only struggle and fight in place, he had control in this dank place

The smell of hay in the old stall she was held in, his paradise to enjoy again

A nook that opened with a flip on the latch, implements hung for use inside that

A shiver had to have run along her spine, his fingers touching her so divine

The bench perfectly set in place, bent over and fastened in the space

Shuffling around the photos seeing what was done, seeing as she came undone

The flogger licking her flesh that glowed bright, such a sweet beautiful sight

I can imagine the sounds of her gasps echoing, his work undisturbed harrowing

On her toes as her body strains and writhes, the waves of pleasure crashes and subsides

His fingers rough now explore her wetness, her face flush, her thoughts anyone guess

A thrust as she shrieks at the sudden invasion, cold floods her from his creation

Glass toy left in a bucket of cold water, to cool the heat which he brought her

Parched lips now wetted from his finger, the taste of her wetness now lingers

The straw offered tastes of sweet juice as she sips, the cold fades inside her lips

A minute for her to recoup her composure, now again his hands take over

His hands grip hard into the tender flesh, rubbing and kneading her tender ass

No warning as the implement is quickly pulled out, hollow inside as she thrashes about

She whimpers and begs for him to take her, his hand strikes hard as he spanks her

Howls and shrieks as she was unprepared, everything his plan carefully prepared

The tempo staccato as his hand works feverishly, her ache now a burning need

Begging and pleading her voice now his song as the rhythm goes along

One hand working over her bright red flesh, the over exploring her slippery wetness

Over the edge in a crashing cascade she explodes, pent up need suddenly unloads

Milking every moment of ecstasy as she shakes, his mind inventory now takes

The rope appears and is lashed around a breast, she gasps, he works fast

Then another, her breast bound as he smiles, he had a plan all the while

A clothes pin snaps and she shudders as words like smacks he utters


Each clip fastened she arches off the bench more, now untied with feet on the floor

Again, her hands are bound over her head, he stands back as she watches in dread

Flicking and playing with the rowel on the wheel, she ached to know how it would feel


First a special touch for his evil plan, a bar to keep her feet apart as she would stand

Exposed to him, she was totally at his mercy, her cries brought him such glee

Each breast now felt the bite of the wheel, no words for what she should feel

Now she was lost in a world so surreal, she was his toy the images revealed

A blindfold next he used to cover her eyes, now everything would be a surprise

Unable to look away as he took her like a savage man, I knew this was part of his plan

Her anticipation as his moved his things around, gaging her reaction to each sound

The sound of the blade sent a chill over her skin, his hot breath as he said shall we begin

That moan as his hand slid along her chest, his hand on her throat she leaned back to rest

Teasing her body, sliding it over her skin, the cold steel on hot flesh a gasp I took in

Sliding between her thighs as his lips caressed down her spin, he growled and said you are mine

I jumped as I saw him raise quickly, she wailed as he plunged the handle to fill her need

He invaded her with the rough handle holding the blade, that look of pleasure on display

On her toes she was primal and screaming, I could not stop watching what was streaming

Pulling the handle out he tossed it to the floor, in a single thrust she was begging for more

Savage animal lust as he painted her skin, his red prints on her breast as she was full of him

His hand on her throat as he grunted and thrust, both lost in primal lust

The crimson running down over she soft flesh, my eyes fixated on what came next

A beastly roar as he unleashed his pent-up need, she shook as he used her in his greed

Holding tight for a minute he finally relaxed, then took her down and laid her on the sack

Cuddling her his hand running through her hair, it was just the two of them without a care

As the flicker turned to static there was a shock, need took over as I shook

A shower nearby I needed to take a moment to cool down, before I headed back to town

Turning the water on it was cold as ice, I took a deep breath and washed off my vice

Truth be told I hate the cold, but the film I had just watch made me feel nothing but bold.

Come see who else is being wicked



Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt
That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt
Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing
That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

The slowly cresting moon in the sky, a shriek as the plane goes by

I notice the form from the corner of my eye

Long legs, short skirt, tall boots cutting at the muscular thighs

Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt
That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt
Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing
That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

The door opens, a polite greeting as she takes her seating

In the mirror a quick glance of the cleavage open for the seeing

Perfume wafts toward the front, every muscle taunt

That scent takes my mind back to another place, another hunt

Trying to stay calm and collect is failing as my flesh is wailing

That giggle at my silly joke, all control is failing

Silky words, questions pry into personal things now shared

Every nerve screaming as my mind says to beware

A ping, the ride has changed, cat and mouse now that game

Who is prey and who is hunting the question now to begin

First stop, she exits and enters the store, walking to show more

Dropping something in front of the car, the view I have instore

Full display that ebony flesh, looking back with a taunting wink

The feel of hunger and tightening pants, willpower now sinks

Returning with a button more open, more flesh on display

The twisted minx makes it clear she is game to play

The front door opens now as she slides in with a smile

Knowing what she is doing all the wicked while

Around the bend she yawns and stretches, another button pop

Her breast all but fall out of the almost open top

Hand touching my arm, I do not react, she grins more

Her hand slides to my leg as I shift, I want to explore

Nails drag over the pants, I give a few playful glances

Shifting enough for her deft hand slides to the zipper on the pants

No hesitation as her hand snakes in and she takes a grip

Her thumb like silk as it works its magic trick

Leaning over, hot breath on the head of my cock

Pushing her head down she takes all, it is hard as a rock

Tongue like soft satin caresses and runs along my think shaft

Her skill amazing as she is going to make me come too fast

She is warned but doesn’t slow down one bit

My hot load now invading her greatly talented lips

Arriving only a few minutes later at the destination

We get out as I am going to return her naughty favor

The heat of the hood makes her jump as I push her down

One hand on her chest as the other is roaming around

The smell of her perfume intoxicating as my lips caress her skin

My hand finds her wetness as my fingers slip within

Gasping as two fingers penetrate, my thumb on her clit rubbing

The free hand opens, more rips, her shirt and freeing

Beautiful dark flesh to suck and bite, nipples like dark chocolate delight

She shudders as I add another finger, she is so tight

Fingers spreading open the sweet flesh exposing the red velvety prize

Licking slowly, teasing with each move of my wicked tongue

Her hands on the back of my head, guiding to what she wants done

Bucking and grinding on my face, now coated in her juice

She gasps then goes stiff before letting loose

Primal growls escape her succulent lips

Flooding my face as she continues to gyrate her hips

Grinding, whining, her hunger not yet sated

My recovery for the event we both anticipated

The tip of my cock pressing then a primal thrust

Both now engulfed in animalistic lust

Her eyes go wide as those nails sink in my skin

Pounding with a hunger driven desire to flood her again

Thrusting and grinding against her needy fuck hole

Lust, need and desire all together now roll

Mews and pants escape her as I ravage her flesh

Sweat cooled by the breeze that comes with occasional gusts

The cries to her deity as I take her like a demon

My hand over her mouth as her pleasure becomes screaming

Wave after wave rip through as her whole body shakes

An evil smile as I feel her legs tremble and shake

My own desire growing as a surge of swelling increases my girth

Her legs wrap about and I fuck her for all I am worth

I give warning I am going to spill another load in her

She tightens her legs like a dog clinging to dinner

My hands on her throat, her head tips back

Choking her as I feel the tightness in my sack

Clinching tight to milk every drop of my seed

In her pussy I release with my savage greed

Her body jerks as I let loose, her eyes rolled back

With a demon like yell her life rushes back

A howl of fierce release, her body shudders hard

A flood coats my cock as she sees stars

Laying there covered in pouring sweat

She say “Hi, by the way my name is Annette”

In The Fog

The snap of a twig, dark sunken eyes now in view
A tip of the hat, the predator comes into view

The grey of the fog turning on the water like a sprite dancing

Stretching out its tendrils like a beast reaching

In the whirl a form slowly comes and goes

Mushrooms? Maybe a stick, oh wait are those…. Toes?

A foot bare except for the caked on mud that clings

The fog thins and slowly reveals more of the scene

Calf so pale in the dim light, or maybe not

The litter of leaves cover the insidious spot

Pushing the litter back a form starts to appear

Eyes hollow, glazed, filled with a final fear

Tattered dress offers no cover in this final place

Bruises and blood cover the once angelic face

Marks of a struggle mar the ashen flesh all over

Was it a villain, a predator, or a jilted lover?

Truth is that this was no accident that happened

Her body the object of something partially planned

A locket still attached around the bruised throat

Only the faint smell of death, the body yet to bloat

The snap of a twig, dark sunken eyes now in view

A tip of the hat, the predator comes into view

The cloak pulled tight to not reveal the true form

Still in all it was old tattered and well worn

Looking on as if gazing at a lover sleeping in bed

So many questions fill my spinning head

A large sack he now takes out of his black bag

Leaning down he caresses the ever still head

Hands push away the debris laying all about

Tenderly picking up the form and kissing its mouth

With care he puts the prize in the bag and lifts

Turning again towards me and with another hat tip

The fog rolls in and swallows the scene

Was it real or was it just a dark dream?

Mind Racing

My mind is racing

This old body is chasing

The past’s dreams erasing

Always life is out pacing

Just trying to survive

Turn the corner to arrive

The bus just left

Everything is a second guess

Youth in the mirror

The answer is clearer

Time is a terror

Life with heavy fetter

Run boy run, grab the brass ring

Tripping in the race knees sting

Body aching as bones breaking

Nothing given everything taking

Greed brings a harsh need

Need a wind in the reed

Shrieking sound of want

Passing thoughts that haunt

Always the grave waits open

Like pacman always gulpin

One day demanding it’s token

Till then running and hoping

Broken bleeding crying needing

Fallow mind twisted and screaming

The ache inside unable to hide

The scars of a wild life of pride

Chase the wind once again

Lost in the mass to blend

Never quite able to win

Fate tosses the die again

One day dust in the wind