The issue is control

Sliding my hand down your back I feel the shudder and I whisper in your ear. Oh yes, I know you love that feel. The tip of my tongue on your ear as nails slide over soft flesh, tell me what you need as I pull in close and let my teeth graze your neck. Your gasping makes me smile while I nip and growl. The growing desire as you sway to my seduction.

“So naughty how excited you are getting” my voice growls in your ear.

People walking by oblivious to what we are doing as I have you off the path near the bushes. We look like we are just relaxing and taking in the view. Your breath quickened by my attentions, your heart pounding and mind racing. The scent of a coming rain as the first drops fall. People running for cover as I simply pull you back into the overgrowth. Our own little haven from the onslaught of pelting drops.

My hand reaching under your shirt as I find your nipples and give a light tug. Our lips locking in a long-heated kiss. The sound of the rain pelting on the overhead leaves as we are safe and dry for the moment. Light rubs turn to more needy tugs with my thumb and forefinger. My hand caressing your body as I press in as close as I can. The growing heat as I suck on your tongue makes your knees buckle.

The rain is coming faster and harder, no one can hear your moans as I have your shirt pulled up and have let my tongue trace over your belly and breast. Looking in your eyes I can see the need and growing hunger.

“Not now, you need to practice your control.” I tease

 Your whimpers are cute as I make you get up and march you in the rain at a slow walk drenching us both. We find a shelter as the couple people gathered there look puzzled at us.

“Just think how good it will be later when we get back to your place.
 I say with a smirk.

I know you do not like me much at the moment, but I promised it would be worth the wait and all the teasing. After all I am trying to teach your control and patience.

Wicked Wednesday

8 thoughts on “The issue is control”

  1. There is something about having to have patience and control when the need is high, that is so sexy… even though I am not good at the patience-part 😉
    ~ Marie

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